Presentation and Press Conference on the results of the Project

On May 20, 2013 in Uzhgorod at the conference hall of the hotel "Praha Accord" were held the presentation and press conference on the results of the Project "Connecting history" (recent history of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region). This project was implemented with financial support of the International Visegrad Fund.pp4

With greetings to the participants of the meeting addressed Director of Institute for transborder cooperation, Project Coordinator Serhii Ustych.

He thanked all those who volunteered to participate in the presentation and press conference.

First of all, congratulations were send to veterans of CBC - those who laid the foundations of modern cooperation between inhabitants of the border area in Carpathians. Among them Voloshchuk Mykhaylo Yuriyevych, Tsurko Ivan Emerykhovych, Mr. Andras Rakoczi, Mr. Marian Gajdos, Ivan Vasylyovych Ivancho and Olexander Samiylovych Peredriy.

Were sincerely welcomed representatives of governments and local authorities, including the deputy head of Zakarpattya oblast state administration Volodymyr Panasovych Prykhod’ko.

pp3Great honor for the participants was participation of Karla Wursterowa, the executive director of the International Visegrad Fund, Consul General of Slovakia in Uzhgorod Yanka Burianova and Consul General of Hungary in Uzhgorod J?zsef Bacskai. His best greetings to the participants sent the Consul General of Poland in Lviv titular Ambassador Jaroslaw Drozd.

The conference participants were wished with success by old friends who have done much for the development of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region, in particular for the creation of the Carpathian Euroregion. Among them - State Secretary of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic Vasil Hudak and adviser on foreign policy of President of Poland Roman Ku?niar. Best wishes conveyed Alex Rovt, the president of the Institute.

The participants of the presentation and press conference:

- Vlastimil Hudak - Project Partner, Director of the Institute for Stability and Development - Slovakia;

- Andras Rakoczi - an active participant of CBC - Head of Regional Development Agency KIUT (Zahony, Hungary);

- Marian Gajdos – the author of essay on modern history of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region Ph.D., Professor, senior fellow of the Institute of Social Sciences Slovak Academy of Sciences in Kosice.

The presentation of project results was done by Serhii Ustych (presentation attached).

Then there was lively and interested discussion of the presentation and project results. There were also answers to Ukrainian, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian media representatives.




Press release


Institute for transborder cooperation (Uzhgorod, Ukraine) in partnership with the Bronis?aw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaros?aw (PWSTE Jaros?aw) (Jaroslaw, Poland) and ISD Slovensko (Bardejov, Slovakia) within the project «Connecting History» (recent history of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region), which is funded by the International Visegrad Fund, conducts in Uzhgorod, on May 20, 2013 press conference for the presentation of project results.

Due to the special geopolitical location the Carpathian region has also very complicated political history. This area was a part of various states and became the scene of numerous military conflicts. Interesting are the interstate relationship in the area of the Carpathians after the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the formation of an independent Ukraine, joining Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Romania to NATO and the European Union.

For majority of the inhabitants of the Carpathians, regardless of their nationality, these factors are the possibility for mutual enrichment of historical memory and culture, the reason for organic detection of ethnic tolerance.

Therefore, disclosure of genealogical closeness of historical, economic, cultural, mental, religious roots of the population living in the Carpathian region is crucial.

Efficient, effective results of the implemented project is the International interactive website «Connecting History» would allow completing the experts' assessments on modern history of transborder cooperation with ideas of people, to hold public examination of these estimates. Besides, communication on the web site would allow completing historical essays with many unknown historical facts, memories of transborder cooperation participants, etc.

To participate in the press conference are invited Ukrainian and foreign experts on European integration and cross-border cooperation that took part in the project, representatives of diplomatic missions, research institutions, civil society and media.

Presentation of projects


On the border between Ukraine and Moldova has been established a new Euroregion "Dnister", which includes the neighboring territories of two states. Delegation of Euroregion is learning from the experience on cross-border cooperation in the Carpathian region. Budapest Center for democratic reforms and the Prague Institute for stability and development that are providing technical assistance in the creation of the Euroregion, addressed to the Institute transborder cooperation with a request to introduce the participants of delegation about the activity of ITC. 160420131On April 16 this year, Director of the Institute, Ambassador S. Ustych addressed the delegation with a presentation of the project "Borders for people", "Better knowledge - better cooperation", "Connecting history" and "Border through the eyes of people." The presentation provoked interesting discussion, during which there were discussed issues of planning and implementation of the project work.

Meeting of experts of the Project

new33On October 18, 2012 in Rzeszow (Poland) took place the meeting of experts of the Project «Connecting history" ("Contemporary history of cross-border cooperation in the Carpathians"), which is implemented by the Institute of transborder cooperation (Ukraine) together with its partners - State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw (Poland) and the Institute for Stability and Development (Slovakia) within Program of International Visegrad Fund. The meeting was attended by: Director of ITC, Ambassador S. Ustych, rector of the State Higher School Professor W. Wierzbieniec, ITC expert, professor, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Economic Sciences V. Symchera, the office manager of ITC D. Miroshnikov. At the meeting the participants discussed the preparation of case studies involving neighboring regions of Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Ukraine on the CBC during the last 20 years. It was agreed the deadlines for final stage of mutual work and the way to uniform research materials.


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